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We are an engineering company that develops, designs and builds custom tailored production equipment, machinery and prototypes. Our core competences are mechanical and electrical design, robotics, cybernetics, automation, industrial IT and complex system integrations. Our greatest asset is our experience in developing solutions for a wide range of industries. Our goal is to increase our customers profit by developing high-tech and automated solutions, which provide high productivity and quality and enables effective use of resources and space. Development is a complicated task and many of our customers has spent days, weeks or months thinking about their production problem or product idea before they feel ready to contact an external developer. We believe that it's smart to contact us as soon as possible in the process. Use our experience and let us help you set the course. We know what is needed to go from idea to product! Let’s take a look at the idea or problem together, and we’ll find the best solution based on economy, efficiency and quality. We sign confidentiality agreements with our customers. Call us or send us an e-mail!

Address Rødmyrjordet 7, 3735 SKIEN

35 59 46 00


  • Ceo

    Ken André Myhra Kihle

    Ken André has a Master's Degree in Cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has been with Cody since 2016, working with programming, TITAAN, HMI, wireless positioning, quality system and sales. From february 2019 he became CEO of Cody. Ken André is a hobby beer brewer, soccer fan and has a strange taste in music.

    992 24 842

    Magnus Skoglund Larsen

    Magnus is our sales manager and with experience in mechanical design, automation and project management. He has deep knowledge in laws, directives and standards and performs risk analysis and compliance testing.

    991 22 505
  • COO

    Kjetil Backen

    Kjetil is our COO. His responsibilities include recource planning, logistics, procurement and workshop management.

    909 74 187

    Bjørn Haugseter

    Bjørn is a mechanical engineer and one of the founders of Cody. He is a trained machinist and mechanical engineer and works with mechanical design.

    415 17 960
  • Product developer, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

    Tom Henriksen

    Tom is a product developer and one of the founders of Cody. He is a mechanic and has more than 30 years of experience in product development.

    918 77 678

    Steffen Vangen

    Steffen leads og automation department and has worked with us since 2017. He has a Masters degree in Mechatronics and has worked with automation in both offshore and onshore industries. In Cody he does concept development, system integration and programming.

    922 54 375
  • Project Manager, MSc Mechatronics

    Jared Hansen

    Background from both mechanical design and automation is useful for following up machine projects in a good way. In addition, the goal is to create such good documentation that he becomes completely indispensable..

    913 79 744

    Anders Laursen

    Anders has a bachelor degree in electronics from Porsgrunn, and is a highly experienced project manager, with a background from different industries. At Cody Anders is particularly happy that he is able to live out his "nerd-dreams" on the daily, surrounded with machines and tools everywhere.


    Christian Skoe

    Christian is one of our product developers. He has a certificate as a sheet metal worker and is a trained mechanical engineer. Christian has worked with the conversion of excavators, as a welding inspector, and more. Much much more

    922 02 764

    Einar Ottestad

    Einar is a qualified service electronics engineer and works as an automation engineer in Cody. Previously, he worked as an automation engineer in the shipping industry. Just like Morten, Einar also has a home-built CNC milling machine at home. As a self-proclaimed "lifetime geek", Einar has accepted his fate and wears the title with pride.

    957 42 051
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanic, Plastics mechanic, Quality Controller

    Jan Henriksen

    952 05 610

    Morten Hodne

    Morten is an electrical engineer with a certificate as an electrician and has extensive experience in following projects from start to finish. He has worked in both offshore and land-based industry. Morten is genuinely interested in mechatronics and has made his own CNC milling machine at home in the garage!