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Horizon Europe: Further development of concept machine

Recently, Cody was awarded nearly 3 million Norwegian kroner from the EU for the further development of a project that started back in 2019. Since then, we have developed two demonstration units, allowing consumers to customize their own consumer goods. Learn more about the first part of the project here:

The machines are installed, and the project has garnered a lot of attention. It has been highlighted as a success story by the EU in the category: "Factories of the Future." That's precisely what these machines are built on – the idea of revolutionizing the future of consumer goods production, where there is an increasing demand for customizing products to individual needs.

Since the EU Commission saw significant potential in the solution developed in the previous project, they encouraged partner companies to seek funding for the further development of the project. Many key partners, including Cody and Sintef, applied for a new call, resulting in the partners being awarded a total of 30 million kroner over the project period.

Four specific product categories will be tested.

The machine to be used is installed at Sintef in Herøya, Porsgrunn. This machine will be adapted to produce within four product categories: animal feed, breakfast cereal, beverages, and plant fertilizer. One of the partners is working on solutions for customized animal feed and will contribute their knowledge and needs to the project.

"Working on the unit at Herøya provides great opportunities for testing and making necessary changes since we are not far away," says Jared Hansen, the responsible project manager at Cody.

In the first phase, Cody created the foundation and infrastructure, i.e., the two machines/demonstration units, and now the focus is on exploring and working with the modules. These modules will be adjusted for both dosage size and ingredients, whether they are powders, liquid substances, etc. Additionally, new modules with entirely new functions may need to be developed.

"The EU's purpose with the project is to facilitate production in Europe in the future, and we are thrilled to be a part of it," concludes Jared.

The project is named STARHAUS and consists of 13 partner companies. The project is planned to take place over the next three years.

Image: Kick-off in Brussels for all partner companies in Starhaus.


Ken André Myhra Kihle

Ken André has a Master's Degree in Cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has been with Cody since 2016, working with programming, TITAAN, HMI, wireless positioning, quality system and sales. From february 2019 he became CEO of Cody. Ken André is a hobby beer brewer, soccer fan and has a strange taste in music.

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