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TITAAN™ is Cody's answer to Industry 4.0

TITAAN™ is a digital platform for collecting and storing data from new and existing machines and making them available to various IT platforms. In short: “The missing link” between the production facilities and the company's IT system.

TITAAN ™ handles production data, alarms, parameter changes and user control, electronic signatures, recipes, alarm logs and reports.

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TITAAN™ has several ways of capturing data from your production facilities. All data is time-stamped and stored safely and readily available for both automated reports, your system dashboard or storage in the TITAAN™ SQL database. TITAAN™ meets the highest demands for data integrity, and even fulfils industry requirements for pharmaceutical production (GAMP5, 21 CFR Part 11)

Assets 3,567 kP2,345 kP12,555 kP73,030 kP


Use the integrated and flexible report designer included in TITAAN™ to create reports from the data it has captured from your production facilities, and present them as diagrams, lists or tables. The reports can be printed or generated to your preferred format, and even send electronical reports to your ERP or MES systems.

Assets 3,567 kP2,345 kP12,555 kP73,030 kP
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One of the most powerful features in TITAAN™ is the ability to create and handle product recipes – and distribute them to the production facility. Recipe changes are traceable, and can be done from the TITAAN™ portal, the PLC of your production machinery or ERP/MES system.



Use TITAAN™ to verify user credentials and identify the correct access level for your personnel. This feature Is perfect for use in industries with high demands for controlling user access levels and security – and has been made according to the strictest standards in pharmaceutical production (GAMP5, 21 CFR Part 11). Being an integral part of TITAAN™ functionality, the User Verification module enables you to use electronic signatures for critical production steps – and link the signatures to reports or specific sets of data.

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