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Cody is always looking for good people. One of the most important qualities we look for is the ability to learn new things and quickly familiarize yourself with new issues.

We are currently looking for the following profiles in particular:

  • Creative mechanical engineers who want to work in product development and machine design. We use SolidWorks.

  • A forward-thinking salesperson who has the ability to understand Cody's services.

  • An industrial designer with the ability to combine visual design and material use with requirements for function and economy.

  • Someone who is raw in programming PLCs, tuning servo motors and setting up automation equipment.

  • Programmer with experience in: .NET, SQL, RaspberryPI, Python, Visual Studio, Azure

  • A project manager for large and small technical projects. You must have the ability to negotiate resources internally, follow up with customers, suppliers and employees, as well as ensure compliance with documentation requirements.

If you have one, or preferably a combination of any of these qualities, you should contact the general manager for a chat.


Cody is without a doubt one of Norway's most exciting workplaces! Our employees are innovative, committed and versatile people who have fun at work! We familiarize ourselves with the customer's needs and use our knowledge and experience to develop new technical solutions for the customer. Do you need a specially designed robot? We'll fix it! Are you going to develop a completely new product? We help you both with the development itself and with making the production machines you need to serially produce the product.

Cody delivers the entire value chain. We develop, design and build tailor-made machines, with associated solutions within automation, robotisation and digital control systems. We develop the idea and concept that solves the customer's problem, we are responsible for everything from 3D drawing, purchasing, assembly, programming, testing, documentation and implementation - to handing over a turnkey solution to the customer. The customer only needs to deal with Cody as a total supplier of the technical solution. In short, we develop and manufacture machines and equipment that do not exist today, but which the customer needs to strengthen their competitiveness tomorrow.

Our customers are companies in a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, foodstuffs and other manufacturing industries.

In addition, we carry out product development and prototyping for a number of exciting and constantly new customers.



Cody celebrates its 20 years anniversary in 2020.

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Trainee Vestfold og Telemark er et regionalt trainee-program som gir nyutdannede med mastergrad mulighet til å utplasseres hos spennende bedrifter i et midlertidig engasjement.

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Norsk industri er i vinden, og vi merker økt etterspørsel etter våre tjenester – “Innovasjon for produksjon”. I høst har vi hatt gleden av å ønske to nyansatte velkommen til Cody! Christian Kirkemyr har fått tittelen produktutvikler og Einar Ottestad automatiker. Begge beskriver Cody som en skikkelig drømmejobb.

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Ken André Myhra Kihle

Ken André has a Master's Degree in Cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has been with Cody since 2016, working with programming, TITAAN, HMI, wireless positioning, quality system and sales. From february 2019 he became CEO of Cody. Ken André is a hobby beer brewer, soccer fan and has a strange taste in music.

+47 992 24 842