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TechnipFMC: Handling of heavy products during production

Safe handling of heavy and expensive products is often a challenge, especially when you need good access from all sides during assembly. We are constantly developing tools and equipment for manual production, and have here designed two tools for TechnipFMC. The tool comes in two variants, both a fixed and a mobile solution. When the product is mounted to the tool, an indicator shows whether this has been done correctly before the equipment can be safely used. The tools are designed and certified to handle 1000kg.

Using these tools, the operator can rotate the product around two axes. In addition, the tool for fixed installation has height adjustment, so that the ergonomics are good when installing critical components. Cody has been responsible for solution, design, production and certification. We have expertise in relevant directives and standards, and deliver our products fully tested and CE marked.


Magnus Skoglund Larsen

Magnus is our sales manager and with experience in mechanical design, automation and project management. He has deep knowledge in laws, directives and standards and performs risk analysis and compliance testing.

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