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We have customized the shore supply connection at several of Color Lines quays in Norway. We are particulary proud of our involvement in the shore supply for the worlds largest plug-in hybrid ship "M/S Color Hybrid" at Color Lines quay in Sandefjord. Color Line reports that the ship will sail in and out of the Sandefjord fjord virtually silently and without emissions of harmful environmental gases.

Cody has also delivered shore power connections for Color Line in Larvik and at Framnes quay in Sandefjord.

Our system handles and positions contact on land when connecting and disconnecting the plug from the ship. The system takes high and low tide into account and allows the ships to not lie exactly the same every time they are in port. Enormous amounts of energy must be transferred, so the cables are large and rigid. This is taken into account in movements and suspension.

The system must, of course, work equally well all year round - summer and winter. We have therefore made a heated "house" for the socket, so that we avoid cold problems in winter. Operator safety and shielding are other important focus areas.


Bjørn Haugseter

Bjørn is a mechanical engineer and one of the founders of Cody. He is a trained machinist and mechanical engineer and works with mechanical design.

+47 415 17 960