Cody 20 years anniversary

Cody was founded on May 24, 2000 by Tom Henriksen and Bjørn Haugseter. In the beginning it was just the two of them managing everything from sales, design, automation, machining, assembly and documentation in the small location at Raset in Skien. ABB and AnaTec were among the good, local customers in the start-up years and gave the duo many exciting projects.

A strong sense of fearlessness and ingenuity has been a key factor from the start, and is still the driving force behind our success.

As the company has grown, coworkers have been added to the staff of people working with different industries such as oil & gas, pharmaceutical, radiopharmaceuticals and defense. Our strength has become versatility, committed employees and innovative solutions.

In 2012, we moved into new premises at Rødmyr in Skien, where we are still located. We are glad to see that people and companies are getting in contact with us with new and exciting projects, and let us partake in getting their idea into practice.

We had plans for a grand celebration of the anniversary, but due to the pandemic situation we are postponing such events. Hopefully, we will get back to that in the near future!

I would like to thank all employees, customers, partners and suppliers for the first 20 years!

Regards Ken Andre Myhra Kihle CEO


Ken André Myhra Kihle

Ken André has a Master's Degree in Cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has been with Cody since 2016, working with programming, TITAAN, HMI, wireless positioning, quality system and sales. From february 2019 he became CEO of Cody. Ken André is a hobby beer brewer, soccer fan and has a strange taste in music.

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