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Cody has developed a number of production tools for Technip FMC Kongsberg. TechnipFMC produces high-tech products where safety, accuracy and control of production are absolutely essential to meet their customers' requirements and expectations. In this context, we have created a tool for pressing in needle bearings into machined components - with automatic logging of results from the process.

The tool itself has been designed from the ground up, based on TechnipFMC specific functional requirements, and has a control system based on Cody's digital solution TITAAN. The system guides the operator through the work process and provides feedback on whether the operations are successful or unsuccessful. When a product has been assembled, an electronic report is generated containing all results, the product's serial number and the ID of the relevant operator who carried out the assembly. The report can be sent to the parent ERP or MES system.

The assembly of bearings is a critical step in production, and with a tool like this one can monitor and detect errors that may occur along the way, so that this can be corrected before it becomes costly and affects later production.

This machine demonstrates how TITAAN can be used to ensure quality and documentation for manual and semi-automatic operations in a production environment.

  • Siemens PLC
  • Access control
  • Product report
  • Recipe handling
  • Data log


Magnus Skoglund Larsen

Magnus is our sales manager and with experience in mechanical design, automation and project management. He has deep knowledge in laws, directives and standards and performs risk analysis and compliance testing.

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