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Green Ammo – Environmentally friendly training ammunition

Green Ammo AS is a Norwegian company that develops electronic training ammunition for an international market. The product simulates the sound of gunshots, recoil and flashes of light from the muzzle of the weapon, and is the future solution for training the military and police, among others. The benefits are many, and the training effect is very good. By replacing plastic ammunition with electronic ammunition, a large and real environmental benefit is achieved.

Cody has assisted with design work, prototyping and testing activities. Cody's experience in product development and production technology have been important factors in the development of solutions and components that not only function optimally, but are also cost-effective to produce in large series.


Tom Henriksen

Tom is a product developer and one of the founders of Cody. He is a mechanic and has more than 30 years of experience in product development.

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