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DiaperSens – nappy sensor that warns of necessary supervision

DiaperSens is a flexible sensor that attaches to the outside of diapers. A notification is sent wirelessly to personnel so that they can change more quickly. The alert level is adapted to individual needs. The option to retrieve history means that the routines can be better adapted to each user. This provides increased dignity and quality of life for the patients through uninterrupted sleep and a reduced risk of infections and sore skin.

DiaperSens creates security for patients, employees and relatives. It is user-friendly and reusable.

Cody has been involved in the development of this digital diaper sensor for which SensCom won the Entrepreneur Award during the Entrepreneur Week in Vestfold in 2019.


Magnus Skoglund Larsen

Magnus is our sales manager and with experience in mechanical design, automation and project management. He has deep knowledge in laws, directives and standards and performs risk analysis and compliance testing.

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