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Cody has entered into a "STAUT" contract with Statsbygg

Around the new government quarter in Oslo, there will be a security zone protected by vehicle barriers. Statsbygg and Cody have now entered into an innovation partnership with the aim of developing new and better solutions for such barriers under the name "STAUT - vehicle barrier to trust". A pre-qualification has been carried out with 10 participants and then a bid competition with 6 of these. Statsbygg has now signed contracts with the ski company Cody AS and Prodtex AS in Ulsteinsvik. In January 2023, Statsbygg will decide whether the innovation partnerships are to be completed, and after May 2023 it will be decided whether an option is triggered to purchase one of the developed vehicle barriers.

- This makes us proud both as a company and people interested in technology, says General Manager of the engineering company Cody, Ken André Myhra Kihle. - Since autumn 2020, we have put a lot of time into this. It is both a declaration of confidence and a relief that Statsbygg wants to go ahead with us. A multifaceted challenge. In order to secure the functions and to regulate traffic in and out of the area in the new Government Quarter, there will be a need for reliable, movable vehicle barriers. At the same time, these must work well for everyone who uses the urban spaces in and around the quarter, including pedestrians and cyclists. The Norwegian climate provides rough working conditions for vehicle barriers. In existing solutions, wear has been experienced due to salting, ploughing, erosion, temperature fluctuations, poor drainage and water ingress. The wear leads to a great need for service and replacement. Which in turn presents challenges in an urban situation where continuous operation and traffic flow are a high priority.

- We believe it is possible to find new solutions that can meet requirements for safety and function, but in a way that contributes to easier operation and maintenance than what is known today. It must also be taken into account in the development of the barriers that the new Government Quarter should appear open and inviting. It's a rewarding challenge, says Communications Manager Pål Weiby at Statsbygg


- It is not a given that the solution and product we come up with will resemble today's vehicle barriers. At Cody, we are known for thinking outside the box. A reliable, functional solution that requires far less maintenance and service than today's vehicle locks definitely requires a good deal of new thinking, says Myhra Kihle.

Whether Cody's "naughty" vehicle locks are chosen and the call option triggered, or not: The company will own its solution and can market and sell it freely.

- This is a big upside for us. We now have the means to develop the very best solution and are looking forward to starting the work, says Myhra Kihle.

The project has support from Innovation Norway.


Magnus Skoglund Larsen

Magnus is our sales manager and with experience in mechanical design, automation and project management. He has deep knowledge in laws, directives and standards and performs risk analysis and compliance testing.

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