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Blue Robot - Development of a robot that automates the warehouse

Norwegian Blue Robot AS has developed advanced technology for efficient automation of goods flow. The solution only requires a stable surface, a ceiling height of four metres, electricity and internet. This opens the way for smaller players in the merchandise trade to easily adopt warehouse automation.

- Our goal was to develop robotic picking technology that is easy to install, has high operational reliability and, not least, is effective for a customer group that has not previously had access to warehouse automation, says Arnor Jonasson, General Manager of Blue Robot AS.

In collaboration with Cody, Blue Robot had time and cost as the leading parameters for the development of a robust technology, which is based on advanced artificial intelligence.

- The solution has standardized components, of the highest quality. It provides very stable operation. Furthermore, we have always focused on the systems being compatible with the customer's existing software and hardware, for efficient installation and a minimum of investment costs, explains Jonasson.


The warehouse cube is easily installed in the customer's premises, and only requires a stable surface, a ceiling height of four meters and internet access. Artificial intelligence with advanced algorithms streamlines the placement of goods and boxes, and optimizes the handling of orders and dispatches.

- We have broad experience from retail, and therefore a clear need for simpler solutions for warehouse automation. Very few players in the market are so large that they can defend investments in inventory management that exceed turnover, says the General Manager.


Two and a half years ago, Blue Robot engaged dedicated and experienced developers, who purposefully worked out the prototype for automation. In order to industrialize the concept into a reliable solution, Blue Robot chose to enter into a close collaboration with Cody.

- We were invited to further develop and industrialize the mechanical part of the concept, says Magnus S. Larsen, Sales Manager at Cody. - Based on our in-depth expertise in mechanical design, automation and industrial IT, we have created a solution that satisfies the customer's requirements, with a simple interface to their control system. We are specialized in quickly understanding our customers' needs, and realizing ideas that ensure increased production and good profitability.

- Already in our first meeting, Cody provided ideas for solutions, so we were never in doubt that they had the experience we were looking for to design the final product. After just under three months, Cody had the solution ready, and now the first system is fully operational at the customer, says Arnor Jonasson.


Blue Robot AS feels that their technology for automated storage and picking systems is highly anticipated in both the Norwegian and international markets.

- We believe we hit the market well precisely because the solutions are easy to install, adapt and operate. With a high integration capability with existing software and hardware, the customer is quickly operational, and can run an efficient and cost-saving flow of goods, concludes Jonasson.

Read more about the collaboration between Blue Robot and Cody in Teknisk Ukeblad and on Blue Robot ´s website.


Magnus Skoglund Larsen

Magnus is our sales manager and with experience in mechanical design, automation and project management. He has deep knowledge in laws, directives and standards and performs risk analysis and compliance testing.

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